Ede's are Woodland Trust Partners


Environmental responsibilities are important to Ede’s and we continually set ambitious targets to reduce our impact on the environment. We are fully committed to the principle of sustainability and are aware of the wider impact our activities have on the environment.

Ede’s provide an environmentally responsible disposal service and our environmental management systems are registered under BS EN ISO 14001. Our green initiatives have been developed with our clients needs at the forefront and by being greener we are helping our clients succeed in meeting their environmental targets.

Ede’s achievements to-date include:

An efficient company fleet which is regularly maintained and compliant with all current european emissions standards.
Packing and moving materials sourced from suppliers who adhere to sustainability programmes. Materials are reused whenever possible and this, in turn, helps to reduce our clients’ costs.
Vehicle sharing for delivery, collection and disposal which helps to reduce vehicle emissions and the overall client carbon footprint.
Promotion of the importance of responsible re-cycling and re-use of redundant products and furniture. Ede’s use the most environmentally friendly disposal options.
Partnership with the Woodland Trust, dedicating the management of woodland sites and supporting tree planting programmes; reducing our carbon footprint and helping sustain areas of natural beauty.

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